INTO THE FRAY: Sinai – The descent into depravity

For your perusal, my latest INTO THE FRAY column: Sinai – The descent into depravity (Kindly consider “liking”, sharing, tweeting – please use hash-tag ‪#‎IntoFray) Ironically, the case of Sinai, once held up as the crowning vindication of the land-for-peace principle is likely to turn out to be its one of its most tragic and traumatic failures. […]

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Egypt, Ethiopia and the Nile

By MALCOLM DASH  – Originally published in The Jerusalem Post, March 14, 2016 The prospective deal is important because it marks a move away from Egypt’s historical insistence on maintaining colonial-era agreements on water rights. When Egypt’s then president Mohamed Morsi said in June 2013 that “all options” including military intervention were on the table if […]

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