Lt-Colonel (Res.) Maurice Hirsch – Research Associate

Lt-Colonel (Res.) Maurice Hirsch 

Lieutenant Colonel Maurice Hirsch is the former Chief Military Prosecutor for Judea and Samaria

Lieutenant Colonel Hirsch specialized in the prosecution of terrorists, the Palestinian Authority and International Law as applied in Judea and Samaria.

Hirsch was born in South Africa and educated in the United Kingdom, completing his law studies before immigrating to Israel. In the course of his military service, Hirsch served in a number of senior positions in the Military Advocate General’s Corps., including Assistant to the Legal Advisor to Judea and Samaria; Head of Legal Advice to the Navy, Air Force, Ground Forces and Home Front, and ultimately as the Head of the Military Prosecution for Judea and Samaria. Hirsch retired from the IDF after 19 years of service at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

During his military service Hirsch dealt extensively with different aspects of Palestinian terrorism and lead a number of initiatives that were focused on battling the phenomena. In an unusual incident, Hirsch represented the IDF and the State of Israel in talks with a UN organization that had released a particularly controversial report. Hirsch’s efforts were recognized as a great success and a further report put out by the same organization was considerably more balanced.

Since retiring from the IDF, Hirsch now