INTO THE FRAY : An appeal to Alan Dershowitz: Renounce two-statism!

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An appeal to Alan Dershowitz: Renounce two-statism!

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The jury is no longer out on the two-state paradigm. Given the accumulating evidence, unequivocally demonstrating its folly and futility, Dershowitz must accept the unavoidable verdict of its failure

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JERUSALEM HERALD :—Renounce-Two-Statism

Several short excerpts:

The idea of a two-state solution should be dead today, because unfortunatel,y a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria would bring about Israel’s demise – Yuval Steinitz, currently Israel’s Minister of National Infrastructures, September 14, 2008.

Israel is a colonial project that has nothing to do with Jews – Mahmoud Abbas, before the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Central Council, January 14, 2018.

Prof. Alan Dershowitz has been a stout defender of Israel for years—often in distinctly inclement circumstances. For this, he deserves our commendation and appreciation. After all, as an acclaimed academic, he could have chosen a less a harrowing path …

Two ill-advised choices

Dershowitz however, made two other choices, which largely (arguably, completely) undermine his otherwise stalwart pro-Israel efforts…The one was his ill-advised (two-time) support of Barack Obama…The other is his dogged (the less charitable might say, dogmatic) support of the two-state formula—despite the accumulating mountain of evidence as to its folly, futility and failure.

Endorsing Obama is “water-under-the-bridge”; endorsing two-statism is not

Obama weak on Iran
Obama weak on Iran
…While Dershowitz’s grave misjudgment of … is essentially “water-under-the-bridge”—and little can be done to redress any damage it might have caused. This, however, is not the case with his continuing support for the fatally flawed formula for two-states as a blueprint for resolving the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinian-Arabs.  Here he still has an opportunity to renounce.

The jury on two-statism is no longer out.

The signing of the Oslo Accords, 1993
The signing of the Oslo Accords, 1993

…Back then, with the heady—the less charitable might say “hallucinatory”—optimism that accompanied the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords, there were proponents and opponents of the idea. …Today, it is clear that by any reasonable standard, the jury is no longer out.  The proponents of the two-state paradigm have been proved tragically wrong; while its opponents have been proved —equally tragically—right….

The paradox of two-statism: Liberal support for tyranny

However, empirical evidence is not the only reason for professed liberal-democrats (and liberal Democrats)—such as Dershowitz—to reject two-statism. There are also– or at least should be – matters of moral principle…Indeed, one of the most perverse paradoxes in the political discourse on the Israeli-Arab conflict is that the people who supported the two-state principle should have been its fiercest opponents…

Two-statism: An anathema to liberal values

Just what an anathema a Palestinian state would be to anyone with Dershowitz’s liberal worldview is vividly illustrated in a recent Algemeiner article by Mitchell Bard. It reveals not only what is almost certainly to occur if a Palestinian state were to be established in Judea-Samaria, but has already occurred in areas administered by the Palestinian Authority (PA…What liberal could condone such realities?

Two-statism: “… compulsive temptation to attack Israel…”

Tel Aviv skyline as seen from “Palestine” (Credit: Tamir Orbaum)
Tel Aviv skyline as seen from “Palestine” (Credit: Tamir Orbaum)

However, it is with regard to its security implications, particularly in light of the past precedents in which Israel has relinquished land to Arab control, that the specter of two-statism has, arguably, its gravest impact. Indeed, it was none other the arch-architect of the Oslo Accords himself, Shimon Peres, who warned that setting up a Palestinian state would “in itself create compulsive temptation to attack Israel from all directions”.

Security: Dershowitz’s perplexing position

On the security issue, Dershowitz has, of late, been expressing some decidedly perplexing positions….Thus, in a 2015 Fox interview, he conceded that even if Israel ended its “occupation” [of Judea-Samaria] immediately, as it did in Gaza, the violence would probably increase rather than decrease…

Gaza: The ultimate indictment of two-statism

Sewage flows in Gaza
Sewage flows in Gaza

But even if one relinquishes a partisan pro-Israel perspective, and views the rationale and record of the two-state prescription from a purely Palestinian angle, the condemnation of two-statism is, if anything, even harsher…For it has wrought nothing but devastation and deprivation for the common man in the Palestinian street, left awash in untreated sewage flows, with well over 90% of the water-supply unfit for drinking…

Abbas’s rant: Carpe diem and renounce two-statism

It is time for Dershowitz to resign himself to recalcitrant realities and renounce his support for the ill-conceived notion of two-statism—before he has occasion to rue his mistake even more than his ill-advised endorsement of Obama. Fortunately, he has been provided an honorable way to step away for his previous position by none other than PA president, Mahmoud Abbas himself, who in his recent rant wished ruin upon the house of the American president. After all, if this is the face of Palestinian moderation…

So Prof. Dershowitz, carpe diem! And renounce two-statism!

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