At IISS, our intellectual warriors are fighting for Israel and the Jewish people as a whole.

Sadly, too often, Israel has succumbed to lure of the seductive siren call of “peace” and made ill-advised concessions, which greatly undermined its national interests.   

IISS strives to strengthen national resolve and convince the world that the Land of Israel belongs exclusively to the Jewish people—by moral, historic and legal right. Our mission is to persuade the Israeli public—and its leaders—to avoid the deceptive allure of dangerous compromise and adopt the hard-headed realism underlying “Iron Wall” doctrine that Jabotinsky formulated almost a century ago—with the necessary adjustments, mandated by the passage of time.


Here are five reasons—among many others—for YOU  to support IISS

1. Say “no” to the creation of a Palestinian state.

– Support for a two-state-solution is nothing more than a call for the establishment of yet another homophobic, misogynistic Muslim-majority tyranny on the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv.


2. Retain control of all the land west of the Jordan River.

–  Territorial concessions of any significance in Judea-Samaria will gravely undermine Israel’s security.


3. Extend Sovereignty over all the land west of the Jordan River.

– Extending Israeli sovereignty over Judea-Samaria is imperative for Israel’s long term survival as the nation-state of the Jewish people.


4. Incentivize Arab emigration.  

– Incorporating the Arab population in Judea-Samaria will imperil the Jewish character of the Israel and result in the Lebanonization of its society. The Arabs population there will be a constant source of incitement against the Jewish state.


5. Strongly assert Jewish historic, moral and legal rights to the land; disprove and delegitimize the false Arab narrative, which is designed to undermine these rights.

– Israel has done a deplorable job in presenting its case to the world and has invested miserly amounts in doing so.   
– Israel must adopt a far more assertive, unapologetic  and robust approach in its diplomatic strategy.

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