INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s dysfunctional electorate?

For your perusal, my latest INTO THE FRAY column Israel’s dysfunctional electorate? (Kindly consider “liking”, sharing, tweeting – please use hash-tag ‪#‎IntoFray) Despite its many undoubted merits, democracy has one glaring detriment. There is never a dictator to blame for the fate that befalls the people. They alone are responsible for whatever befalls them.   It […]

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Israelis can reclaim their land at the ballot box

By Barry Shaw  – in the Times of Israel On September 10, Benjamin Netanyahu pulled off one of his famous political masterstrokes when he made a dramatic announcement one week before a contentious national election in which it looked far from certain that he would hold onto his record-breaking office as Israel’s prime minister. The […]

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