Hon. Fiamma Nirenstein, Member of the Italian Parliament; Vice-president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; Chair of the Committee for the Inquiry into Antisemitism,

To whom it may concern

In many years I’ve been knowing Dr. Martin Sherman, I’ve always been impressed by his intellectual integrity and originality. These characteristics make him a champion of freedom of expression in an academic world that certainly shares the same values, but is often prone to political correctness.

I therefore think that the establishment of the centre for a Zionist vision of history is an excellent idea that Dr. Sherman will be able to initiate and manage.

I hereby endorse the New Strategic Policy Institute of Martin Sherman, with the certainty that it will be not only helpful, but even necessary for re-establishing the moral and historical truth about Israel that has been so much damaged in these years. I believe as well that it will help fight the delegitimization of the State of the Jews itself.

Fiamma Nirenstein
Hon. Fiamma Nirenstein
Vice-president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
Chair of the Committee for the Inquiry into Antisemitism
Italian Chamber of Deputies

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