Barry Shaw talks to Kay Wilson, the miraculous survivor of a brutal Palestinian terror attack

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KAY WILSON is the miraculous survivor of a brutal Palestinian terror attack.

Kay is the voice of thousands of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror whose voices are silent.
Why do so many Palestinian predators go out in the dead of night, or hide during the day, to hunt for vulnerable victims.
What drives them like animals in search of prey? What primitive instinct obsesses them?
In this video you will see and hear the reason they go hunting for blood directly from the mouth of one of the killers. It’s a craving for Jewish blood. He says clearly, simply, it was Jews he wanted to kill. Not Israelis. Jews!
One of the shocking things that came out of my interview with Kay was that, just as powerful animals kills their defenseless prey they do so for a need, without emotion. Her killers exhibited the same dispassionate lack of emotion as they stabbed and hacked Kay’s defenseless body, and killed her friend.
The tragedy of this deadly desire to kill Jews was that Kay’s murdered friend, Kristine, wasn’t Jewish.
And it turns out that these predators had killed before – for the same reason.
This is the ultimate corroboration of the theme of my book ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’ That is it Jew hatred that drives every aspect of the Palestinian cause from the Palestinian themselves, to BDS and anti-Israel hostility on too many campuses in the West, and back to Kay’s attackers.
The video takes you through Kay’s trauma, both during and after her dramatic meeting with terror, and how she is putting her life together with important and positive causes which she wants you to share.
See the video and read Kay’s book, The Rage Less Traveled.

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