Author: barry shaw

1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel

Barry Shaw, the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at our Israel Institute for Strategic Studies addresses the Jewish Historical Society of England’s Israel branch in Jerusalem on February 19, 2018. He spoke about the relevance of history, a century ago, to today’s situation in Israel and the heroes and villains. See the video and buy […]

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The Obama Administration Collusion with Russia and Iran.

In the United States, as layers are peeled off disclosures of gross government abuses that are becoming criminal in nature, the name of Barack Obama is repeatedly being mentioned. One would have to be either political naïve, or politically biased, not to suspect that the weaponization of the branches of his administration against his political […]

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Global Antisemitism and its causes.

Antisemitism in the Arab and Islamic world is a given. It is accepted as if there is little to be done against it. Even governments in countries that have signed peace agreements with Israel do little to quell the Jew hatred that infests their population. In many cases, political and religious official continue to stoke […]

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